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Your FREE Cell Phone Tag will enable anyone to return your cell phone immediately if it becomes lost simply by entering your code online! (Try it out!) (See sample results)
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After your cell phone is "Tagged",
if it becomes lost, you can be
contacted! Search for an owner

Playing "Cell Phone Tag" allows you to send a Text Message or Email with your FREE customizable Play Code to friends, family and others you know. When they enter your Play Code or click on your affiliate link to get their FREE Cell Phone Tag and also sign up for Premium membership, you GET PAID a referral fee which is a 20% recurring commi$$ion that continues for life!
Membership also gives you access to ALL Wemetcard Free Contact Services, which include the "Owner Contact Service" for getting back lost cell phones, keys, wallets, cameras, ipods, ipads, laptops and other items you own.
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